Corporate Paint. Sip. Eat. Team Builders

Unplug + Connect

In a world that's field with visual tech, we understand the importance and the value that comes from removing ourselves from screens can add to authentic human connection within the workplace...  This means more productivity and results for you and your teams' performance.

Inspiration and motivation is only the beginning in creating movement. "As Tony Robbins says, 'Motion creates emotion.' Changing your physiology means changing your mental state and breaking your negative patterns. Great physiology therefore leads to great emotions, and that is one of the keys to getting unstuck". At The Art Table Studio, we believe that emotion drives motion and wherever focus goes energy flows! So we are going to get you going with a changed physiology of creative problem-solving, using found object materials, paint chips, paint and move and inspire your team to the next performance level!

No drawing.png

Social + Creative Collaboration

Our corporate paint. sip. eat. team builders create a safe and creative space for teams to problem solve, strategic plan/map, brainstorm, celebrate wins, retirements, showers, promotions, gains, onboard a new team and or simply relax and have FUN TOGETHER! Really any reason to motivate your team, eat, paint, sip, dance, laugh and just have an amazing time!

We make collaborating together fun, FRESH, and exciting! Our unique holistic approach to SOCIAL + CREATIVE = COLLABORATION offers our corporate clients and teams bite-size creative team builders before painting begins! 


Bite-Size Team Building

Select 1 of our 7 areas of focus for your teams bite-size, team-builder:

Your focus area estimates between 15-20 minutes before painting begins. The reflections and captures of the activity will be informally weaved through the painting lesson. Always through fun!

Select a Painting

We have a variety of painting styles your team can select from. Choose 1:

  • Landscape
  • Cityscape
  • Abstract
  • Meditation (Inspirational)
  • Kids
  • Animals
  • Special Themes: Holidays, Showers, Birthdays, Promotions, Retirement 


Food + Connection

Everyone knows that food brings us closer together, so what better way to help our corporate clients and teams take a much need time out than with homemade FRESH TABLE-TO-FARM plated meal! 

ats plated meal.png

    • Salad: Garden or Avocado 

    • Protein: Skirt Steak or Slow Roasted Chicken

    • Sides:  Plantains, Black Bean Soup or Rice & Peas

    • Beverage: TBA


    • Salad: Spinach Salad or Classic Garden Salad
    • Protein: Slow Roasted Baked Chicken, Mamma's Meatloaf w/ Glaze or Shepherds Pie w/ Root Vegetables & Sirloin Beef
    • Sides:  3 Cheese Baked Macaroni & Cheese w/ or w/out Bacon, Smashed Lightly Buttered Red Potatoes, Crispy Green Beans or Asparagus (seasonal) or Roasted Veggie Mix
    • Beverage: TBA

    • Salad: Quinoa Salad or Mediterranean Carrot Salad 
    • Protein: Herb Roasted Portobello Mushroom
    • Sides:  Fresh Guacamole, Salsa and Hummus w/ Baked Pita Chips
    • Beverage: TBA

All meals are prepared fresh before your event, off-site by our most awesome and local New Yorker, Annie Zarzuela, Head of Culinary Arts + Connection. Meals are plated for easy clean-up.

*Note our team has cleaned up art materials and meals are served, our time official comes to an end, leaving your team just to dispose of the plates and utensils.

We can provide 3 banquet-sized tables and 10 folding chairs. That's enough to seat 10 people comfortably. If you wish to have a large team participate in team-builder, more than 10, it's our pleasure to accommodate! Just let us know! This is a BYOB event/party.