ATS Mission:

The Art Table Studio is a mobile arts studio for children, adults and educators! WE BELIEVE that Critical inquiry through the arts is very important.

WE ALSO BELIEVE that Art is totally about...

  • having fun and being silly

  • being technical and making oops

  • sharing and collaborating

  • community-social development

  • being mobile and face-to-face

  • having global reach and service!

  • principles of design and elements of art!

Why do we LOVE what we do?

  • Because we LOVE engaging all learners (PreK - High School) with open-ended experiential art projects that develop their curiosity and creative in/interdependence!

  • Because we LOVE modeling how respect the creative voice of others through mini critiques and celebrations!

  • Because we LOVE  to support emerging artists through portfolio building and review in order to prepare them for a career within the Arts, as a Start-up Tech, Math & Sciences or as an Entrepreneur!

  • Because we've been there in the schools, as teachers and WE LOVE OUR TEACHERS and love reaching back to support school curricula, through the vertical alignment of arts integration with Math, Science, History, Technology and creating meaningful/measurable professional development workshops

What's Next?