Artful Mom

In 2011, I began a new journey as a Mom and WOW, I LOVE being a mommy to our 3 year old son, Liam! I was totally born for this role! I digress. lol....As Liam grew older, I wanted to connect with other parents + adults, who not only wanted to challenge themselves creatively, but who also wanted to be apart of a larger global-local artist community; one of which the whole family could be apart of.

I was so excited to share my love for the arts with our son, that I held his very 1st Art Party when we was 2 months old! lol. (He slept the whole time. :)) And that's really when the Art Table Studio (ATS) was born. The party had a very short lesson and was themed from the work of artist, Jackson Pollock. Family and friends encouraged me to offer private art classes within people's homes. I piloted the classes and in January 2012, I taught my very first art classes as an Art Mommy & Me class at Queensborough Community College-Kids College in Queens, NY. Our first class had 6 students ages 8 months - 4 years old!