The Art Table Studio is a mobile arts studio for children, adults and educators, based in Forest Hills, Queens, NY! But we travel! :) Creating connection is the core of our Community Arts Partnerships and Collaborations.


ART IN THE PARK @ YELLOWSTONE PARK (Sundays - Teens, Ages 12-16)

This June, we take to the green of Yellowstone Park, to create with teens who want to connect in an outdoor space through the arts. Within this 4 week 45 minute class, we will study how materials work to create watercolor and acrylic paintings, perspective drawings and play with tools such as conte, and chalk and oil pastels. The outcomes are individual and are based on technical skills learned and open-ended play with materials. It's important to know that with creative practice, learning to open yourself up to new opportunities to answer problems artfully, seriously-non-seriously, with intentions or by accident is a fundamental skill that transfers into all professions, inventions, apps, cultures and life. Our classes connect students with technical skill and their creative authentic voice during a fun energetic journey! Each class begins and ends with inquiry and critique to develop voice, exercise listening and practice giving feedback. In the words of Diana Nyad, a non-artist, but ultra extreme marathon swimmer, we mostly help teens practice, "Never Give Up" through art. This mantra is needed to learn all new skills from novice to mastery. We want the skills learned in this class to transition from palette, pad, canvas to life. At the end of the 4th week, we will culminate our experience with a public art student open exhibition. All materials are supplied. Space is limited. This Summer art class has been commissioned in partnership with the Yellowstone Park Alliance in Queens, NY.