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Summer 2018 Partners - The Learning Experience of LIC, Q StudioLab, Kuei Luck,, and Poesie Cafe

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Kuei Luck Early Childhood Center, Rego Park, Queens

"Kuei Luck Early Childhood Center, believes that children learn best in an environment that supports and builds upon their interests and curiosity. Through the process of inquiry, children begin to ask questions about their world. The environment is set up to assist in answering their questions. Open ended materials and activities are presented to develop and nurture these interests. The teachers act as observers and facilitators to encourage and support their learning.

Their curriculum is greatly inspired by the Reggio Approach. The belief of a constructivist approach of learning by doing, children have multiple intelligences, the importance of an aesthetic environment, participation of the community and families, respect for differences and diversity and the access to education for all young children1."

We will be onsite on Wednesdays and Fridays, 9:00 - 10:30am for 6 weeks, July 9 - August 17.

Framework: This art experience will explore Elements of Art (space, line, shape, color and texture through using natural shapes like sticks, fabric, paint, balloons, textiles and found objects.

Outcome: Young artists will work individually and collaboratively to create sculptures, indoor environments, and paintings that encourage free play and peer art talk!

ATS 2018 Summer Camp Art Experience: "Lines can..." and "Color Mixing and Me"

  • Weeks 1, 2 & 3 Lines and Space Environment & Installation Art (Community) - Young artists will answer the question, "What do we know about lines?"

  • Key Concepts: Lines are zig-zag, straight, curly, cross over and under and create shapes when connected.

    • Week 1 - Lines that...

    • Week 2 - Crossing Lines in My Classroom with Fabric

    • Week 3 - Crossing Lines on Balloon w/ Family

  • Weeks 4, 5 & 6 Color, Lines and Movement (Community) - Young artists will answer the question, "What do we know about color?"

  • Key Concepts: Two different colors make a third color and colors show feelings.

    • Week 4 - Friend Color Mixing

    • Week 5 - Body Movement Mural Painting

    • Week 6 - Bubble Painting w/ Family