Robin-Amy Bass, Community Artist

Robin-Amy Bass, Forest Hills Community Artist

I am a mixed media artist, Libra,  Certified Zentangle Teacher and long (life)time resident of Forest Hills. I am a lover of cats and creator of Hairball Alley - A Cool Place For Colorful Cats. I have always loved art,  and discovering new ways to better express myself. 

I follow the belief of the Law of Attraction and the corresponding laws of the Universe.

As a spiritual seeker, and after many failed attempts at traditional Yoga Meditation (in order to obtain inner peace and guidance)  I stumbled upon the art of Zentangle® and had my answer. I could meditate with my eyes wide open and draw repetitive patterns, both at the same time and in the process, create original, if not always beautiful, works of art. My love affair with Zentangle® started back in 2011... there were a lot of changes going on in my personal life and after taking an early retirement from a long retail career, I decided to become a Certified Zentangle® Teacher (CZT) in 2014, in the hopes of mastering and passing on the techniques and benefits of the Zentangle® method. What better place to start, then in my own community! I love showing others that anything is possible, one stroke at a time!