Yes! Artist & Craftsman is now (LIC) Queens, NY - An Art Store of Our Own!

34-09 Queens Blvd .  Long Island City, NY 11101 . 800-876-8076 Mon - Fri, 8 AM to 4 PM Eastern Artists+Craftsman of LIC

Why We Love Them:   Community art supply store, customer  service + fine art media/tools and eclectic finds

Our first experience with Artist & Craftsman Supply of Long Island City, located in Queens, NY, was for our first exhibition and that's when we met the supply store's co-owner, Trevor. The studio was in need of thank you gifts for all of our exhibiting artists and guests. We really wanted to partner with a local/community art store, one that our studio could grow with over time. So what came next? A yelp search, of course! And to our surprise, we had a quality art supply store right in own backyard! They were the new kid on the block, literally! What an awesome and serendipidous find!

Artist & Craftsman, sponsored our exhibition with 12 artists gift bags, full of sketch pads and pastels inside of wooden boxes and 100 gift bags, all with an array assortment of beautiful hand-made paper and eclectic drawing supplies & trinkets. This is not a paid comment, this is a from the heart comment, our studio loves Artist & Craftsman Supply of Long Island City. And a very special shout-out to Trevor for making our exhibition one of the biggest & memorable nights for our studio! 


Check out exhibiting artist, Darnell Scott's personal thank you to Artist & Craftsman! >

800-876-8076 Mon - Fri, 8 AM to 4 PM Eastern

Artist & Craftsman Supply - Long Island City

34-09 Queens Blvd

 Long Island City, NY 11101