Our 1st Community Exhibition + Fundraiser: Through Our Eyes Exhibition @ the Falchi Building

After a lot of hard work, in November 2013, The Art Table Studio, was official, after receiving our LLC, which led to a lot of bold moves! Ha! Ha! For example, March 2014, I walked into the Falchi Building for lunch, in Long Island City (LIC) and was initially impressed by the crates used as food bar stands and the large scale Funny Food Art of Bill Wurtzel. I thought, wow, they are really fixing this place up! And then I thought, "I think I'm going to have my show here." (Suspense, lol), in April 2014, after working with the Falchi Building, The Art Table Studio held it's very first annual fundraiser for a collaborative project with PhotoVoicea leading London-based charity committed to promoting and supporting the use of participatory photography as a tool for positive social change! 10% of sales went towards providing art education for children in NYC and abroad. Our country of focus was Costa Rica over the next 6 months! (This is still in-progress..see our BLOG-comming soon...) With support of the Falchi Building and our sponsors LIC Artists + Craftsman Supply, Neko Print, Made from Scratch, Artisanal Premium Cheese and  Redd Buttons, we were able to exhibit 15 artists, with humbling 250+ attendees and patrons, with less than a month to plan! We will never forget how magical that night was. The exhibiting community artists were Danielle BoroumandHolly CrawfordDonna Marie FischerGirlie Gagucas, Chelsea S. Jackson, Gamal JonesAviva KleinMelissa LiuAngela MatsuokaJamel MimsLuis RubioDarnell Scott, Jess Vega, Andrew Williams + John Zisel. Thank you!


The Experience


The Work


A Few of the Artists