Summer Edouard, Creative Behavioral Specialist + Social Media Marketing Intern

Summer Edouard, Graduating Senior at Queens College - Major: Pscyhology

Summer Edouard, Graduating Senior at Queens College - Major: Pscyhology

Summer is a soon too be Spring 2018 graduate at Queens College with B.S in Psychology from Queens College. Her goal is to include art studies into her professional path giving basic information on mental health and create an amazing impact children's growth and development. Her mission is not only to create impact within the lives of children but to also having navigated through life creating meaningful relationships for a better society. Upon the successful completion of her graduate program in Mental Health Counseling, she wants to devote her first career as an art therapist to curate positive influence within younger generations.

"When the thought of my daily work-life comes up, I imagine myself being able to make a person feel comfortable and open and more relieved prior to our encounter. In art therapy the creative process allows one to artistically manage their feelings and behaviors which can exponentially improve self-confidence and awareness. The benefits that comes from being expressive in art starts a deeper understanding of your inner self which will aid in positive personal development and self discovery." - Summer

Donovan Mulholland, Community Arts Videographer Intern

Donovan Mulholland, Junior at York College - Major: Communications Tech/TV Production

Donovan Mulholland, Junior at York College - Major: Communications Tech/TV Production

I’m a photographer/videographer majoring in Communications Tech/ Tv Production at York College. When thinking of what I wanted to do as a career, I remembered advice I was once given to just follow my passion. I was able to break down my passion into one thing: Stories.

Growing up I always had a story to tell or was at least listening to one. If my dad and I ever went out together 9 times out of 10 it would be to the movie theater. I’ve had various times when I’ve walked out a movie theater with my whole perspective on life changed. To me that feeling is everything. That is the magic of art, to be able to impact someone’s life, yet do it in such an indirect way. There is no one actually teaching you, but you learn so much from the message that you receive from art. While watching movies I often thought it was kind of “too out there” for me to make my own film until one day I questioned “why not me”?

Most stories follow a template called the “Hero’s Journey” by Joseph Campbell in which the hero is first called to adventure for whatever they want to achieve. The journey itself is what actually transforms the hero into their greater self. Then that transformation is what leads to the achievement of their goal. I believe we all, in our unique way, are experiencing the Hero’s Journey. At the root, all of our stories are one in the same. Both the struggle and success are necessary for growth and also make our stories/lives beautiful. My passion is to capture that beauty and inspire others through films.


Favorite artists: Mooji (Anthony Paul Moo-Young)
Quote: “The greatest step towards a life of happiness and simplicity is to let go. Trust in the power that is already taking care of you spontaneously without effort.” - Mooji

Annie Zarzuela, Head of Culinary Arts + Connection

I am a Native New Yorker (born and raised) with a passion for helping children gain multi-cultural perspective through the exploration of food!

The great diversity of this city runs through my veins and it's influenced my culinary viewpoint. I embrace food from all cultures and culinary traditions and strive to bring a variety of flavors to the events I cater.


My vision is to create a more accepting world one plate at a time.

I enjoy planning food road trips and exploring new places. Trying ethnic foods from every corner of the world and am always in search of the perfect slice of pizza and black and white cookie. Ia am also the creator of blog about exposing kids to food and the history around town.

Favorite Artists: John Michel Basquiat, Frida Khalo, Dave Chihuly

Tiffany S Pierce, Founder + Director of Art Experiences



Click here to View my Resume and Experience:

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I founded the Art Table Studio in 2013 because I wanted children and adults, basically the whole community to have a creative hub where they could create works of art and be inspired by others from world communities. I truly believe that we are all connected!

New York City is home, however I am originally from Asheville, NC. I am a mom, artist educator, trainer, creative, nature + people-lover, sun-hippie, ice-cream fanatic and lover all things art + community!

I have an MAT in Art Education from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD + BA in Studio Art and Art History from Spelman College in Atlanta, GA. To date, I've worked with children-seniors in psychiatric hospitals to creating + developing art programs for charter schools (Center City Public Schools, DC Prep and adjudicated youth correctional-turned-therapeutic facilities - Maya Angelou Academy/See Forever Foundation) in Washington, DC.


Professionally, for 10 years, my 9-5, have been as a Global Interactive Developer and Instructional Designer for People Leaders in Enterprise Learning and Development. Some of my client include:

  • New York City Department of Education

  • American Express Global Business Travel

  • New York City School Construction Authority.

As an educator + advocate for the Arts, I am most interested in working with educators who are progressive in strategies and holistic in their approach to education with cross-cultural reach. 

Favorite Artists: Angela MatsuokaFolashadé Akanbi, Iona Rozena Brown, Jacob Lawrence & Leo Lionni

Robin-Amy Bass, Community Artist

Robin-Amy Bass, Forest Hills Community Artist

I am a mixed media artist, Libra,  Certified Zentangle Teacher and long (life)time resident of Forest Hills. I am a lover of cats and creator of Hairball Alley - A Cool Place For Colorful Cats. I have always loved art,  and discovering new ways to better express myself. 

I follow the belief of the Law of Attraction and the corresponding laws of the Universe.

As a spiritual seeker, and after many failed attempts at traditional Yoga Meditation (in order to obtain inner peace and guidance)  I stumbled upon the art of Zentangle® and had my answer. I could meditate with my eyes wide open and draw repetitive patterns, both at the same time and in the process, create original, if not always beautiful, works of art. My love affair with Zentangle® started back in 2011... there were a lot of changes going on in my personal life and after taking an early retirement from a long retail career, I decided to become a Certified Zentangle® Teacher (CZT) in 2014, in the hopes of mastering and passing on the techniques and benefits of the Zentangle® method. What better place to start, then in my own community! I love showing others that anything is possible, one stroke at a time!

Holly M. Crawford, Curator of Curriculum & Curiosity



I am an artist and educator, originally from Baltimore, MD + currently based in Los Angeles, CA. I received my BA in Art History from Hood College and MA in Community Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art. As a teaching-artist, I've taught at the Youth Dreamers' at Stadium School, The Native American School-After Art Program, The Walters Art Museum + Legacy LA.

I am an advocate of the arts + arts education + am passionate about incorporating community involvement into my arts practice. I have also exhibited work in Portland, ME, Baltimore, MD and Los Angeles. Since 2008 my concentration has been working with family and school audiences as a museum educator.

Favorite Artist: Frida Kahlo