The Colorful Couch Children's Series (Stories, Music + Art) of Forest Hills

(Ages: 5 months - 6 years old)

Storytime, Music and Art in a comfy-cozy livingroom space is the heart of parent mom duo of Tiffany S Pierce of The Art Table Studio and Usborne Books & More and Jennifer Nieves of Baby J Records.

Therefore, it is our pleasure to offer an intimate cozy series just for children ages infant to school age that brings the world of amateur puppet theatre, storytime, music and creative art play for our Queens Community. Children of all ages (infant to school age) love to dance, create and move to music. In these fun filled Story and Song Art sessions your child will

  • be exposed to vocabulary words coming from the repetition of songs and art
  • share in fun interactive music routines with other children
  • splash, draw, finger-paint, squish with creative mini art lessons to support music and stories

It’s been scientifically proven that music art art ignites development of language and motor skills.

The Colorful Couch Children Series is meant to be a small community of parents who want to connect with other parents within the neighborhood. This collaboration was created to bring an alternative space to our FH community since our beloved, Barnes and Nobles is no longer. Mixed age groups are encouraged to attend, as research also shows having children interact with mixed age groups experience higher levels of empathy, compassion, collaboration and patience.

We are excited to bring this rich series to our neighborhood!

The Colorful Couch.jpg
Exciting! Count us in! Getting my ticket now! :)