ATS Mission:

The Art Table Studio is a mobile arts studio for everyone! WE BELIEVE that connection through community ARTs, projects & events build better neighborhoods and happy people everywhere!

WE ALSO BELIEVE that Art is totally about... having fun and being silly - being technical and making oops - sharing and collaborating - community-social development - being mobile and face-to-face - having global reach and service - creatively developing cognitive diversity and - teaching principles of design and elements of art!


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paintsipeat 1.jpg

Neighborhood Paint. Sip. Eats


... what's more fun than hanging with friends in the neighborhood? PAINTING + SIPPING with friends in the neighborhood! :)

 Homeschool Day Studio Art Classes

Creative                      Collaboration      

A visual approach for Corporate HR Business


Something different for...

...when you want to unplug and really like, love, share and connect. :)


Art Education

...when children collaborate with others, the world wins.

Oil & Chalk Pastels, Acrylic, Oh my!

 Creatively capturing all of life's little moments.