Share Your Current Community Arts Project and Make Connections!

So you're creating a community installation or garden with interactive art designs that educate community stakeholders about health and nutrition or perhaps even digital media project with international reach! GREAT! AWESOME! But... you just need a few more passionate people like you to really bump your project to the next level? In keeping with the mission of our studio to creatively touch, move and inspire global communities through arts advocacy + education + studio collaboration...

... Share your project here and make connections with other educators who share a love for the arts + community + youth! Who knows, maybe you'll connect with a math or special education teacher! Awesome!

One-Stop-Shop for Everything You Need to Outfit Your Classroom Studio!

As you know, time is a major commodity of a teaching-artist/artist educator! Twice a year, when it's time for me to outfit my studio with supplies, I always know what I want, but once I go online to order, it takes me hours, ok so maybe not hours, but definitely more time than I've allotted to purchase supplies. lol. I think it's probably because I conduct so many searches to find the vendors that offer what I'm looking for. Alas! There's relief! lol...

The National Art Education Association's (NAEA) online Art Education Resource Guide a super friendly way to search for classroom/studio supplies + curriculum tools + equipment + paints & mediums + services & technology.

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