Elementary Arts

Exploring what makes us unique is an art process in itself, right! lol, Through exposure of the elements of art (line, space, color, etc.), our beginning school-age artists will express their awesome individuality with visual narratives that will show their unique style and voice. At this age, we encourage creative voice, with confidence to create freely and independently. We want their artwork to uniquely their own. Sorry, no arts-n-craft googly eyes here. We only use fine art supplies, found objects and eco-friendly materials in our mixed MEdia classes.

Each 45-60 minute art experience is created with the influences of Reggio Emilia and Waldorf philosophies applied. We create trusting spaces for free play, thought, wonder and making. Each lesson builds from the previous and incorporates elements of art throughout their free play. All lesson are designed to be open-ended, which allows for each young artists' work to look very different from their friend's. This celebrates and models ownership and uniqueness in diversity. By the end of our unit, young artists come away with a deeper connection with art elements and the art-making process.


Summer Objective Framework: To explore Elements of Art (space, line, shape, color and texture through using natural shapes like sticks, fabric, paint, balloons, textiles and found objects. The Outcome: Young artists will work individually and collaboratively to create sculptures, indoor environments, and paintings to encourage free play and peer art talk!


    Who's in the image? age 7, super focused zoe, monica and ciara! 

    Each lesson will begin with Art Circle Time to introduce the Art Element. A question will be asked, "What do we know about Lines?" and "What do we know about color?" Studio time is a time to discovery the questions many answers.


    • Week 1 -  Lines are straight, zig zag, or curly
    • Week 2 - Lines cross over and under to create shapes
    • Week 3 - Lines create shapes - parents invited to participate
    • Week 4 - Two primary colors make a third color
    • Week 5 - Colors show feelings
    • Week 6 - Two primary colors make a third color - parents are invited to participate